We Work in Scrum! Our Team Has Completed a Scrum Guide Training.

By KatarzynaPosted on Tue, November 15, 2022

Scrum Training

We are proud to announce that entire Vratislavia Software team has successfully completed a Scrum training! Each team member participated in a training provided by Scrum.org and later evaluated their knowledge with an Open Assessments. We are now a Scrum Team, which is eager to follow our achievements and outcomes. Scrum guide We work hard every day in order to improve our skills and through this be able to bring transparency and valuable services to our customers. Thanks to our scrum training, our work became more organized. We can set goals more easily and monitor our efforts and achievements. What is more, now more than ever before, it is visible that we work as one Scrum team towards a common goal and every team member does an equally important job.

What Does It Mean For Our Clients?

Scrum is a framework which can be applied in any industry, therefore it is globally recognized and widely used. Due to the fact that we made scrum a part of our everyday work, the customers have an insight into how we operate and what procedures we follow. Furthermore, for our clients who do not have a broad knowledge of software development, it is a step-by-step breakdown of tasks performed on every stage of the project.

Additionally, the time tracking option allows the investor to monitor the duration of each activity and analyze the development process and its costs. Thanks to this, it is possible to implement necessary changes and improvements in order to make it process more efficient and cost-effective.

The Scrum framework allows us to prioritize tasks smoothly and distribute the workforce between the tasks in an orderly manner. Also, the agile character of the scrum framework enables one to easily assign new tasks when something unexpected emerges. What is more, the tasks which need to be put aside will not get lost as they will be waiting for their turn in the sprint backlog.

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What is Scrum Framework?


Scrum is a lightweight framework designed to carry out complex projects. It was developed in such a way that it helps to control the risk and optimize predictability.

The scrum framework is made of particular elements, rules and procedures. Leaving out or omitting any of them will limit scrum benefits, suppress problems and may result in the whole process being useless.

The Scrum guide, which can be found on Scrum.org , allows to get to know the basic concept of the scrum framework and explains how it can be useful in enterprise operation.

Scrum Team

Scrum teams work like well-oiled machines.

A Scrum Team is a group of people working together towards the Product Goal. The team needs to consist of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Software Developers. The self-managing scrum team is like a well-oiled machine

In order to ensure proper information flow, it is believed that the Scrum team should not be bigger than 10 people. In case the team expands and gets too large, it is advised to establish a separate development team which will share the same Product Backlog, Product Goal and Product Owner.

The Scrum Team defines product development involving verification, testing maintenance and anything else that might pop up during the development process.

Daily Scrum

Scrum guide According to scrum framework, meetings need to be held everyday. Daily scrum meetings, called Daily for short, are no longer than 15 minutes and should always be held in the same place. It does not require the presence of the whole scrum team but the development team needs to be there.

The purpose of daily meetings is to get all the developers up to speed with the progress towards the sprint goal and to discuss the scrum team's effectiveness. Additionally, new tasks from the Sprint Backlog can be adapted to the current sprint. Daily meetings are a casual and easy way to keep the scrum team focused on the goal and detect any setbacks almost instantly.

Is Scrum Useful?

scrum guide Primarily, Scrum encourages teams to co-operate closely towards a common goal and make the complicated development process as simple as it is possible. However, Scrum practices can bring more benefits to the enterprises which decide to use it. The Scrum values include:

  • Improved team work and communication between the team members;

  • Transparency;

  • Empowered agile teams;

  • Uncomplicated sprint planning;

  • Quick setback detection;

  • High responsiveness to the impediments occurring during the development process;

  • Learning from the development process;

  • Increased control over the project.

Want to Read More About Scrum?

Who are the scrum masters? What is the role of the Product Owner? Access www.scrum.org for more information and practical advice.

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