Identifying Key Employees by Software Developer Recruiters

By KatarzynaPosted on Thu, November 17, 2022

Is it important to identify key employees and talents among software engineers?

Let's start with whether a key employee is a talent right away? It may be true but not in all the cases. Depending on the size of the organization, there may be numerous key employees. Usually, these are people who hold responsible positions or have knowledge and experience, without which it would be difficult to function in the company. They are committed and willing to expand their skills, which makes them hard to replace. However, they do not have to be talents that are usually extremely gifted and have the potential to develop in a given company. They have personal traits which enable them to acquire new competences and expand existing ones. The entire organization often benefits from having such committed people on board. Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of talent in a given company is often only around 2%. What is more, a person recognized as a talent in one company does not have to be a talent in another one. Although, having some potential, they stand a better chance of appearing as a talent in the new organization.

Search in the organization or outside?

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Recruiters often assume that the best way to attract talented employees is through a well-conducted recruitment process. Certainly, this is a good idea, but it is also an expensive option. Therefore, maybe it would be better to focus on the employees we already have within our organization in the first place. Such people usually already know the processes in our company and know the work environment. The employee evaluation system and performance analysis are useful to identify the best employees. You can also use the help of surveys, thanks to which we can be sure that nobody will be left out. Members of the organization will be able to comment on their colleagues. Let them indicate who is the source of expert knowledge, who provides them with the necessary information, who, in their opinion, takes the best decisions and without whom they cannot imagine the functioning of specific departments. When looking for talents, you have to remember that they are of different ages. Mistakes are made by people who follow the principle that only older skilled workers can be talents and key employees. A mistake is also searching solely for young staff who are often willing to learn and push forward. Age absolutely cannot be a selection criterion because we can overlook hidden talents.

How to maintain tech professionals in the company?


For software engineer recruiter the search for talent is really just the beginning. Underestimated talents quickly leave the company. Most often they are people aware of their abilities and do not want to waste time in a place where they cannot develop their skills. And that's what you should focus on. Professional development is one of the most important factors that can keep talented people from quitting. We must enable the employee to improve their competences and ensure that they can actually used them. The role of the supervisors co-operating with the HR department is to properly plan the development path so that the talent has a chance to use the newly acquired skills. You can also introduce a talent development program operating for a limited time or on a permanent basis. Such programs have many advantages as not only do they engage existing employees, but also attract potential candidates who may turn out to be talents in the future. For this, we can use special tools that give us solutions for human resource management. These types of programs allow to standardize HR processes and provide opportunities for co-operation between the HR department, managers and other employees. Another method of retaining key employees and talents is adequate salary, and very often the possibility of promotion. Stable work and benefits also encourage employees to stay in the company, but they do not seem to be such attractive factors anymore.

Gains and losses.

Efforts put into designing a career path for our talents, looking after them and showing appreciation start to eventually pay off. The first success is attachment to the company, even greater commitment and a stronger contribution to the implementation of common tasks. Large pay rises for our talents start to pay off when the company starts to earn more thanks to the remarkable work of outstanding individuals.

It should be noted that not investing in talent acquisition and not being interested in outstanding individuals is a loss of valuable resources that we can use for business development. It is simply a big loss for the company. Pointless staff rotations, which often lead to chaos and disorganization, must not be allowed. When employees leave, and above all the key ones, prompts the rest of the team to consider whether the company is doing well.

You often hear at work that there are no irreplaceable people. However, in the case of good employees or talents, it is a bad idea to follow this principle. Although we will replace a specialist with another specialist, this new employee will never have the same potential and abilities as his predecessor. It may just not be a talent anymore.

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