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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a talent acquisition process where a company outsources employee recruitment to external provider. The RPO provider can carry out an entire hiring process or just a part of it, e.g. technical interview. RPO provider is a customer's representative during the recruitment process. RPO solution can be used as permanent recruitment co-operation.

Is RPO For You?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution will be the best choice for you if:

you need to hire specialists quickly and you have no time to spare
you need to recruit a specialist in a particular field but you do not have technical knowledge
you are looking for specialists in another country
you do not have an HR department or enough hiring managers to lead a broad recruitment process
you do not have experience in workforce planning and you need a support with it

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing of the recruitment processes proves to be priceless solution for many companies. Value which RPO providers can add to your business include:

high effectiveness and speeding up the recruitment process processes
cost savings
access to broad talent pool
filtering quality applications to single out the most qualified candidate
promotion of employer branding and positive company image by utilizing innovative recruitment methods
support with recruiting challenges and insight into the recruitment processes and recruitment technology
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Why Should You Recruit with Vratislavia Software?

Vratislavia Software is a software house offering recruitment services in IT sector. We create talent solutions to hire software engineers who match company needs and fulfill their business objectives.

Technical Interviews

Our competitive advantage over traditional staffing agencies is that we specialize in IT recruitment and we can conduct advanced technical interviews regarding various technologies, depending on our customer's requirements. Our software house employs a range of software specialists, who are able to verify the applicant's knowledge and skills thoroughly.

We always carry out a technical interview before we present the prospective employee to our client and therefore we are able to provide the candidate that our customer really needs.

How Fast Is the Recruitment Process?

We recruit actively and we have a large talent pool database which enables us present first candidates within 1 month.

What Is the RPO Cost?

We offer our clients a range of payment options such as commission or one time payment. We also offer various methods of employment where a candidate can be either employed by our client's company or it can be hired by Vratislavia Software. In the latest model, the applicant is hired for probation period (6-12 months). During this time the client checks if the candidate is right for them and they client keeps the priority of hiring such employee. The terms of a contract are established individually for the convenience of our clients.

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