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What is Angular Development?

Angular is a JavaScript platform for creating modern web applications with use of HTML and CSS. Angular revolutionized the web development by enabling development of Single-Page Applications (SPA). Such web page is build so that the whole content can be accessed on the single page, in contrary to Multi-Page Applications which need to reload every time the user clicks a button. Such pages can be characterized as dynamic and performant.

Angular is also perfect for developing Progressive Web Applications. It can be characterized as something between a native application and a website. This solution works as a web but allows a user to access some features normally offered by native applications such as receiving push notifications, working offline, saving the website to the home screen and full-screen view. Progressive Web Applications competitive advantage is that they are supported by most of the devices. On the other hand, native applications are often not supported by older systems.

The main advantage of Angular web development is it's simplicity allowing to build outstanding projects in short time. Additionally, the readable code makes Angular applications supportable, easy to refine and expand.

Do You Need Angular For Your Web Project?

We do not say that you need Angular for your web development but it is the best choice if you want to develop a Single-Page Application. If you wish to release your product as quickly as possible, Angular allows you to build an application quickly, make it scalable and efficient. What is more, your Angular web page will be easy to maintain and test. Additionally, if you want to build another website in the future, you can do it easily thanks to the component based structure. This feature enables you to reuse the code you already have for your later projects.

Check Our Angular Development Services

  • Single-Page Applications (SPA) - it is a single page which responds to users actions with a dynamic updates without a need for loading new web page. It is an incredibly fast solution providing remarkable user experience.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) - a website with attributes of a native application which you can access through a browser, without downloading it on your device.
  • Front-End Development for Web and Mobile - Angular frameworks help to build modern and structured client-side of your application.
  • Custom Angular Solutions for Businesses - Angular solutions tailored to special needs of a particular industry. High-customized and performant products made to meet customer expectations.
  • Desktop Application - an application that runs exclusively in a desktop or laptop computer. Such applications are usually custom made for the specific needs of their users.

What other Angular-Based Solutions We Create

  • Angular Consulting
  • Angular Support and Maintenance
  • Staff Augmentation with Angular Developers
  • Angular Development Teams

Technologies and Tools We Use

Angular does not have too many tools to choose from. Surprisingly, it is one of it's main assets. Some of the tools that we use in our work are:

Visual Studio Code
A source-code editor helping to write a clean and bug-free code.
A code formatting tool which makes your code as beautiful as can be.
Angular Seed
An application frame which allows to quickly set off with your project.
An integrated environment which makes web page development easier and allows you to automate repetitive processes

Featured Angular Projects

Med Tech Project

Project description:

In this project we developed a set of applications in Cloud as well as building a portal which would administer all these applications.

The applications were developed for a customer who is an elderly care services provider. They wanted us to develop applications which would allow their employees to access the patients data and enter new information, e.g. register new patients, record information about their health etc. The application was supposed to aggregate the results and generate the statistics based on the collected data.

Scope of work:

  • Development of mobile and web applications

Industry: Healthcare

.Net CoreAndroidAngularSQL ServerSwiftAzure

Development of ERP system

Project description:

This time we had to build a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) application with a highly responsive design. It was intended to be used by our client in manufacturing. It was a complex application which was supposed to administer the whole production process including stock management and tracking system. The main purpose of the application was to easily fetch precise data from the application. Tools and technology used in this project included: Graph QL, AutoMapper and PrimeEngine.

Scope of work:

  • Building a complete front-end and back-end)
  • Configuration
  • Designing and building a responsive layout
  • Enabling communication with server

Industry: Production

.Net CoreAndroidAngularGraphQLSQL ServerSwiftAzure

Angular Development Benefits

High-quality Application

Angular lets you build dynamic user interfaces. Angular allows you to develop fully customizable solutions which are scalable and efficient. Intuitive design is possible to achieve thanks to variety of frameworks and libraries.

Fast Process Development

Speed up the app development process and launch your product more quickly thanks to two way data binding. This feature is a way to share data between the component and the view and through this enables automated implementation if changes in both ends. It means that if you change something in one place, it will be automatically reflected in the other place.

Flawless and Reusable Code

Clean and readable code gives you an opportunity to easily extend your application in the future. What is more, the code can be reused in your future projects. Modular architecture of Angular applications empowers developers to combine all the segments with ease. Moreover, you can reuse your code in your future projects.

Simple testing Process

Testing your application for bugs is a must. Angular makes this process uncomplicated by providing testing frameworks like Jasmine and Karma.

Why Vratislavia Software as an Angular Development Company?

We we hire only mid and senior engineers and we evaluate their skills during technical interviews.
Best Programming Practices help us make the code clean and easy for you to modify in the future.
We offer various employment models for our Staff Augmentation services, so you decide which option is the most convenient for you.
In our projects we use the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best solutions for our clients.
We work in Scrum to ensure transparency of the project and responsiveness to obstacles, which help to reduce software development costs.
We are agile so that the development team can be easily scaled up or down, depending on the project requirements in particular moment in time.
We are good listeners and want to hear you out in order to build your project exactly as you want it.
We have experience with global companies from various industries.

Looking to Outsource Angular Developers?

Angular Developers

Hire Angular specialists to strengthen your in-house team. We offer various employment models, so you decide which option is the most convenient for you.

Dedicated Teams

Hire angular development team who will take care of the project development under your complete supervision. Scale up or down at every stage of the project.

Custom Software Development

Outsource an entire project development to the Vratislavia Software team. We will develop your product and report to you about the progress.


How does Angular development process look?

Here are the steps we need to take to develop your idea in Angular:

  1. Discussion your project, determination of the details.
  2. We delegate a team of Angular specialists to develop your project.
  3. Regular meetings are held to keep you up to speed with all the developments.
  4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is presented to the customer.
  5. Applying improvements and further development of the application.
  6. Ready product is handed over.

What are the benefits of Angular development?

Angular will be the best choice if you look for:

  • Simple one-page web application
  • High speed
  • Clean code
  • Fully customizable product
  • Scalable solution
  • Intuitive design
  • Uncomplicated testing with dedicated frameworks
  • Easy to combine modular architecture

Is there a difference between Angular and AngularJS?

AngularJS is the older version of Angular, also known as Angular 2. The new version did not allow to AngularJS websites update to the new one but the whole code had to be rewritten. This caused new users to develop their products in Angular 2. Presently, AngularJS development is not as popular, however, AngularJS version is still supported and some companies still offer Angularjs development services.

What is Angular mainly used for?

Angular is used for developing outstanding front end. The most popular solution built with the Angular is Single Page Application (SPA). Such solutions can be characterized as responsive, dynamic and fast. Other things that Angular is perfect for include: Progressive Web Application, Web app, Custom Solutions for Businesses.

Is Angular front- or backend?

Angular framework is one of the most popular front-end solutions. It was designed for building full-scale, dynamic and responsive user-side application. Angular app development does not include backend.

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