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Custom software development

What Is Custom Software Development?

A custom software solution is a bespoke software made to fit the particular needs of a client or business. Custom software development companies have established procedures and processes which allow to create the software product which follows narrowly defined guidelines. Customers are able to order software or application which is designed and adjusted to their unique requirements.

The development process as well as the project management can be performed in co-operation with an in house team or outsourced to a software company. Developing your own custom solution will ensure improved efficiency and product scalability. Custom software developers guarantee an easy integration with a work environment and therefore gain a competitive advantage over commercial software companies.

Custom software development services.

Our Custom Software Solutions

Customized software is built for a specific customer is the best way to maximize efficiency. A custom software development opens a wide range of opportunities and here are examples of bespoke solutions, we can help you build:

Web applications
Mobile applications
Cloud applications
Frontend development
Manual and automatic testing
Content management systems (CMS)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Automation systems

Our Software Development Projects

Commercial Website

Project description:

In this project our task was to develop a responsive and intuitive commercial web platform for a company from an IT industry. The website was supposed to be designed with use of the latest trends and up-to-date technology for offer excellent user experience.

The project involved building complex architecture containing multiple subpages, creating a user-friendly design to ensure an intuitive navigation on the website. In addition, we had to focus on development of the system which would prevent the website slowdown or crashing during increased traffic.

Scope of work:

  • Site design
  • Complete front-end and back-end development
  • Web development and libraries creation
  • Responsive layout

Industry: IT

.Net.Net CoreAWSC#ReactAzure
Custom software development company.

Development of ERP system

Project description:

Our client is a technology and hardware services provider. They wanted us to develop a complete and highly responsive Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) for manufacturing industry. The application managed the entire production process including stock management and tracking system.

Scope of work:

  • complete front-end and back-end development
  • building a responsive layout
  • designing server communication system
  • configuration

Industry: Production

.Net CoreAngularGraphQLSQL Server

Med Tech Project

Project description:

The goal of the project was to build a set of cloud applications. With use of JavaScript we have built a portal which manages a number of connected applications.

Our client provides elderly care services. They wanted us to develop applications where they could set up patients profiles and allow their caregivers enter data about their health. Based on this information, data is accumulated in the application and the statistics are generated. Thanks to this, patients health can be monitored more closely, which enables a quick reaction to condition decline.

Scope of work:

  • Development of an iOS application
  • Development of an Android application
  • Development of an administration panel for the medical personnel

Industry: Healthcare

.Net CoreAndroidAngularSQL ServerSwiftAzure

Highly Accessible Government Website

Project description:

In this project we build website for the British government, which was intended to be used in the educational system. The goal of the project was to build website with libraries and front-end. The design had to comply with the rigorous instructions. Making the website available to every user without need for additional software, clear and simple layout as well as resilience to cyber attacks were the priorities of this project which we managed to successfully accomplish. The website had to be accessible also to the people with disabilities.

Scope of work:

  • Web development
  • Complete libraries creation
  • Front-end development

Industry: Education

.Net CoreC#JS

Build or Buy?

Tailor made software, just as a tailor made suit, is designed to fit its user perfectly. In contrary to commercial off the shelf software, as for example Microsoft Office, custom software development enables to design a product which functionality is adjusted to specific company needs.

While existing software solutions comply with standardized needs, customized solutions will take your company to a different level. Customized software will enhance your performance as you will not have to waste time on unnecessary features of the program you work on.

Similarly, if you wish to develop mobile apps or web apps, custom application development company is the most natural choice. Custom application development services include application customization, application restoration, application management and technical support to ensure excellent customer experience.

What is more, custom software development services make it possible for the customer to monitor the project every step of the way. Even if you decide to hire a project manager, you will be up to speed with all the latest developments and will be able to decide about every important detail of your application.

Our Technologies

Our Offer

Dedicated Team

Do you have an idea for software development? Let our team of IT experts build it!

With this offer you will get a complete remote team of software engineering specialists your project needs. In this model, Vratislavia Software will handle an entire process of the application development.

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Staff Augmentation

You already have an in-house team but need more capacity? Extend your team with our experts!

We will supplement your in-house team with our skilled software engineers. Get specialists you need, for as long as you need them. This model will allow you to keep the full lead of your project.

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Custom Software Development Process

Mobile application developer
Requirements Analysis and Planning
  • Client consultation, requirements gathering and business analysis.
  • Technical and financial feasibility assessment.
  • Development of a project plan.
Software development dedicated team
Design and Prototyping
  • System architecture design.
  • Building a preliminary version of the software.
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.
Software UX expert
Development and Implementation
  • Coding.
  • Unit testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Feedback and client collaboration.
Dwarf maintenance
Deployment and Maintenance
  • New system deployment.
  • Training and documentation.
  • Keeping your software (frameworks, libraries or certificates) up-to-date.
  • Maintenance and updates.

Benefits of Custom Software For Your Business

You Dream It - We Make It Happen

Build a custom software adapted to specific business. You do not need to have a technical knowledge as we will do everything for you and make your dream come true. Our developers are always a step ahead, by learning new technologies and techniques. They have access to the best knowledge and are continuously advised by experts.

Keep a complete control over the product development and react swiftly to the tech trends. You will receive a full support from our development team every step of the way.

Quality Custom Software Adapted to Your Needs

Web or app development, design, cloud - you name it, we do it. Your satisfaction is our main concern, therefore building a functional tailor made system is our priority. Performing data analysis enables to gather all specifications and business needs before we start any development. By taking care of the code-quality, our bespoke software are highly flexible and scalable in order to adjust to your business evolution and growth.

Elevate Your Performance

We understand that effective processes are the key for success of every company. You can expect from a software development company to present you a range of solutions which will enhance productivity and optimize company costs. Passing these tasks on us will help you avoid mistakes and save your precious time so that you can focus on more important work. As the creativity is in the blood of developers, you can expect to receive from us many suggestions to improve the processes, features and the way to handle problems in your systems. We love to inspire our clients with ideas like implementation of gamification, utilization of the latest design trends or user experience improvement.

Access to Talented Software Engineers and Best Technology

In Vratislavia Software you have an access to skilled IT staff and specialized expertise. Get IT engineers who fit your project. There is no need for long-term commitment as you decide for how long you need our developers. Outsourcing will be the best option if you want to reduce on-boarding costs and time spent on recruitment. You can also improve your employees' skills by getting a fresh insight into your in-house team. There is no need to conduct a corporate training as your employees will gain experience from working with our specialists.

Minimize Costs and Save BIG

Cost benefit analysis shows that outsourcing some tasks or the whole process to external company will save you not only a lot of money but also considerable amount of time. Since you do not need to worry about hiring an employee you do not bear the on-boarding costs, training and additional benefits. You only pay for what you need. Moreover, you can kick off work on your project as soon as you sign a contract with the outsourcing company.

Additionally, custom solutions, in contrast to shelf software ensure lower integration costs. You do not need to worry if your new software will operate with an existing solutions as the product will be compatible with them.

Stay Agile and Grow Your Business

Our customers expect a continuous delivery of software features. Agile / Scrum methodologies help us achieve this expectation. Staying agile is the key to growing your business. Your service improvement will surely attract more customers and bring you continuous growth and bigger profits.

Scrum methodology is a project management framework which enables close co-operation between team members in complex project development. Custom software development requires proper information flow which can be obtained thanks to Scrum. Daily meetings allow team members to assess the project progress and discuss setbacks. Additionally, it encourages hands-on learning and keeps all the team members up to speed.

Scrum works on the principle that every project may encounter unexpected challenges, therefore, following a fixed plan is often impossible. Changes in strategy are inevitable and should be regularly discussed so that the implemented adjustments benefit the project.

Why Vratislavia as Your Custom Software Development Company?

During recruitment we verify the level of knowledge of candidates. Thanks to this, you save time as we present you tech professionals who have successfully passed an internal technical expertise in our company.
We have available programmers with experience in the most desirable technologies: JavaScript, Mobile, .NET, Testing.
We work as a team and support each other. Consultations are our daily routine and we solve problems together. Rapid problem solving ensures a smooth workflow.
We are a small company focused on development - our priority is commitment and effective approach to work of the employees we hire. We verify this during regular One-to-One meetings.
Vratislavia Software guarantees an internal training system. Working in the development environment facilitates access to faster solutions to problems - it streamlines and speeds up work for the client.
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Is custom software development expensive?

The cost of custom software development depends on the scope of work. However, the cost of custom software development is always higher than purchasing an off the shelf product. Due to a high development cost, such services are usually dedicated to the well-established companies.

I have an idea and would like to sign an NDA before we discuss it. Is it possible?

No problem. We can sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) before the first consultation. A sense of security and mutual trust are the foundation of a successful partnership.

What could the project look like in my company?

Our extensive cross-industry experience uniquely positions us to deliver best solutions tailored to the specific needs of various business sectors. Feel free to reach out to us, providing insights into your company's business processes and detailing the specific processes in need of enhancement. We are ready to engage in a thorough dialogue to uncover and implement the most impactful digital solutions that will truly elevate your organizational effectiveness.

We already have a team of developers but we need help to develop our in-house software.

We offer a strategic proposition to augment your workforce, providing access to our pool of highly qualified professionals and sharing our invaluable know-how. It will increase your capacity and at the same time let you maintain the complete control over your project. Additionally, we offer support in software developers recruitment to help you seamlessly integrate new talent into your team.

What is the process to start working together?

Successful collaboration begins with the meticulous gathering of your project's requirements. Our adept business analysts are dedicated to collecting and synthesizing all pertinent information, meticulously crafting comprehensive documentation to serve as the roadmap for your project development. This enables us to conduct a detailed overview of the proposed work, setting the stage for seamless programming initiation. Thanks to the SCRUM methodology, we ensure transparent and iterative progress, providing you with valuable feedback at every pivotal stage of the project.

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