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JavaScript (JS) is essential to develop interface of web pages and mobile applications with maximum usability. JavaScript provides highly-scalable solutions with excellent user experience.

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JavaScript development services

What Is JavaScript Development?

Build your applications with JavaScript, which is one of the most popular and the fastest growing programming languages. Web development is a primary purpose of this language but you can also use it to build mobile applications. Choose JavaScript if you look for attractive and user-friendly solutions with high accessibility. What is more, with use of JavaScript is it easy to combine the front-end part with the back-end.

JavaScript-Based Solutions We Create

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Web Applications Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Desktop App Development
  • Custom JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript Technologies and Tools We Use

A Javascript library used for building user interfaces.
Platform which includes frameworks and libraries for creating interfaces, server, web and mobile applications.
Use Vue framework for building interfaces and single-page applications.
An open-source server environment and a cross-platform used for back-end development.
A web development framework for building static websites.

Our JavaScript Development Expertise

In Vratislavia Software we have worked on several JavaScript development projects. Our software developers have substantial knowledge and experience as we hire only mid and senior engineers. What is more, we are up to speed with all the latest technologies which enables us to answer our clients needs and build lasting solutions for them.

Featured JavaScript Projects

Highly Accessible Government Website

Project description:

In this project we build website for the British government, which was intended to be used in the British educational system.

The project involved a website and libraries development as well as front-end development. The design had to be in line with the strict guidelines as the website has to be available to every user without need for advanced software and has to be resilient to cyber attacks. What is more, the website layout had to be clear and simple to navigate, to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

Scope of work:

  • Web development
  • Complete libraries creation
  • [Front-end development](/services/front-end-development)

Industry: Education

.Net CoreC#JS

Med Tech Project

Project description:

This project involved building a set of applications in Cloud. The JavaScript part included building a portal which would manage all the other applications.

Our client is a provider of elderly care services. They wanted us to develop applications which would allow their employees to access the patients profile and enter new data about them, e.g. register new patients, record information about their condition etc. The purpose of the application was to accumulate the results and generate the statistics based on the data it received.

Scope of work:

  • Development of an iOS application
  • Development of an Android application
  • Development of an administration panel for the medical personnel

Industry: Healthcare

.Net CoreAndroidAngularSQL ServerSwiftAzure

Development of ERP system

Project description:

This project involved development of a complete and highly responsive Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) application for manufacturing industry. The purpose of this complex application was to manage the entire production process including stock management and tracking system. In order to make it easy to retrieve accurate data from the application, we applied GraphQL technology. Other tools used in this project were AutoMapper and PrimeEngine.

Scope of work:

  • complete front-end and back-end development
  • building a responsive layout
  • designing server communication system
  • configuration

Industry: Production

.Net CoreAngularGraphQLSQL Server

JavaScript Development Benefits

Versatile programming language

JavaScript is not only the best programming language to be used in front-end but you can also use it in back-end. What is more, it performs well with other languages. The most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries include: Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, Meteor, Node.js, jQuery, Anime.js, Chart.js.


JavaScript can be deployed on websites, in mobile applications, servers. It is supported by all browsers and is an essential part of web-based software. JavaScript popularity makes it one of the most commonly chosen computer languages.

Variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries to choose between

JavaScript offers a large number of frameworks and libraries which provide unique features for best user experience. It gives user a lot of possibilities of product development, e.g. mobile and web applications, web servers etc.


If fast performance is at the top of your list, JavaScript code is the one you should use. It runs within a website and does not need to connect to servers, which substantial speeds up the response time.

Why Vratislavia Software as a JavaScript Development Company?

We we hire only mid and senior engineers and we evaluate their skills during technical interviews.
Best Programming Practices help us make the code clean and easy for you to modify in the future.
We offer various employment models for our Staff Augmentation services, so you decide which option is the most convenient for you.
In our projects we use the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best solutions for our clients.
We work in Scrum to ensure transparency of the project and responsiveness to obstacles, which help to reduce software development costs.
We are agile so that the development team can be easily scaled up or down, depending on the project requirements in particular moment in time.
We are good listeners and want to hear you out in order to build your project exactly as you want it.
We have experience with global companies from various industries.
Looking to Outsource JavaScript Developers?

With Vratislavia Software you choose which model is the best solution for your business:

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Looking to Outsource JavaScript Developers?

JavaScript Developers

Hire JavaScript specialists to strengthen your in-house team. We offer various employment models, so you decide which option is the most convenient for you.

Dedicated Teams

A team of software developers who will take care of the project development under your complete supervision. Scale up or down at every stage of the project.

Custom Software Development

Outsource an entire project development to the Vratislavia Software team. We will develop your product and report to you about the progress.

Other Services We Provide


Why JavaScript for web development?

JavaScript is the number choice in the web page development as it was especially designed to work in browsers. Every modern website supports it and allows you to build engaging and interactive web pages.

Can JavaScript be used for software development?

Although JavaScript is primarily used for creating websites, it can be used pretty much for all the software development purposes. A variety of frameworks makes JavaScript an amazing programming language, which allows you to build: mobile, smartphone, desktop and web applications, web servers, browser-based games, AI, IoT, plugins for existing applications.

What does a JavaScript developer do?

JavaScript developer plays a major role in programming, development, modification and implementation of a specific project. They might work on a complete project or just single aspects of it. People with expertise in JavaScript are in great demand, as there are a number of things that can be developed in the JavaScript programming language.

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