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Let our IT consultants form a roadmap for a digital transformation in your organization. We will provide you with a business advice to help you define drawbacks in your operations and tackle them with use of the latest IT technologies.

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What Are IT Consulting Services?

IT Consulting services aim at helping business owners cut through the unique problems of their company and allow them to optimize workflow and processes. Our consultants, who are experts in IT services and technologies, perform an analysis and share their insights on how different approaches might help businesses to do things better.

At the time of pervasive digitalization, we understand that some people may find it difficult to maneuver between technologies, custom software development procedures and implementation strategies. We will thoroughly investigate your situation and current IT infrastructure to help you find the best solutions for the development of your business. We will help you build an IT strategy based on your business goals and develop an implementation plan to let you build a solid technology foundation.

We also offer IT recruitment and staff augmentation consulting services which will help you build an integrated in-house team, which not only consists of experts with relevant experience but also people who are team players and know how to work together. In case you need help with recruitment of software developers, our HR specialists can provide support with it and the IT specialists will conduct technical interviews.

What IT Consulting Services We Offer?

IT Team Building & Staff Augmentation
Let us help you form a team which works like a well-oiled machine.
IT Recruitment
If you need to hire qualified candidates, we can help you them for you.
Custom Software Development
We will give you an insight into IT solution and technologies which will take your business to the next level.
Web & Mobile Development
If your business needs a web or mobile, we can help you choose solution which is the best for your business.
Legacy System Modernization
You already have a software but you need to be revamped? We will audit your current system and prepare a list of improvements.
Digital Transformation Strategy
You want to transform your business but you do not know where to start? We will prepare a step-by-step guide to starting digitalization in your company.
Data Migration & Backup Solutions
We will get you accustomed with available data transfer solutions, data loss prevention options and design plan for data recovery.
Cloud Computing
Get to know how to get your own cloud and improve an overall performance of your business.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Learn how you can make IoT solutions work for your business.
IT Audits & Productivity Improvement
We will identify drawbacks in your business processes and prepare an offer how we can help you optimize your company's operations.
Technology Consulting
We will lead you through technologies, frameworks and tools to help you make strategic IT decisions.
IT Business Analysis
We can help you with planning and designing your IT strategies so that the software you want to develop meets your needs and does not ruin your budget.
IT Consulting For Startups
We will help you choose right technology and IT solution to help you launch your product successfully.
Automatic and Manual Testing
Learn what are differences between and automatic and manual testing and which option will be the best for your application.
ERP Systems
Get to know how automate processes and improve company's workflow.

Industries We Work For

As our experts have the knowledge and hands-on experience with working in various industries, therefore, with Vratislavia Software you get a partner who understands your operations and obstacles you face. We have expertise in the following fields:


We implement manufacturing digital transformation solutions, maintaining the security and continuity of the IT infrastructure operation.

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Develop healthcare solutions to offer high-quality services, effective treatment and better health outcomes. Transform innovative ideas into reality.

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Build modern and effective information systems and use technological support to streamline workflow and meet the requirements of the market.

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IoT allows you to develop applications, tailored to your business, which collect and analyze data to help you make right decisions.

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Our IT Consulting Process

There are 4 phases of the IT consulting process:

Data Collection

At this stage we evaluate your current situation and prepare a detailed report regarding your issues so that you get a clear view of of your problems.

Strategy and Planning

We give you our recommendations and solutions so that you can take an appropriate decision regarding your business development.


It is when you implement the recommendations and start to follow your plan.


We perform an assessment on how the introduced changes improved your business operations. At this stage we may suggest further refinement and developments.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an IT Consultant?

The price of the IT consulting services may vary and depends on the scope of work that would need to be done. At the beginning we collect all the information in order to estimate the amount of work that would need to be put into the project. Then we calculate the consulting service cost and submit it to our customers for approval.

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How Our IT Consulting Services Can Help Your Businesses?

Get an insight into technologies and choose the best option for your IT project which will allow you to use your product as long as possible.
You will be able to build a coherent digital transformation plan. Get a support in the process of IT and digital transformation, from strategy to implementation.
You get a partner who will help you out when you experience software or hardware setbacks.
Avoid pitfalls in custom software development.
Save money, as we will provide a thorough analysis of your systems and advise how you can modernize them without need for new software development.
Optimize your business and improve efficiency.
Audit your existing systems and plan a modernization.
Establish stable and reliable IT infrastructure in your company.
Get a support with critical and complex problems.
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