What IT Services For Healthcare We Offer

We have completed projects that have brought a lot of innovations to our customers operating in the medical market. Disease prevention, patient care without the need for hospitalization for as long as possible are just some of the priorities set by investors with whom we are pleased to work. The experience of our MedTech developers allows to create software infrastructure that guarantees security and comfort of use. We transform the innovation of ideas into reality and together we create a medical future.

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Our goal is to support the medical industry in rapidly progressing digital transformation. Digitization of the healthcare services is one of the priorities set for the IT and medical industry. Joining forces brings measurable benefits to physicians, patients and medical facilities management. Accelerating digitization of the healthcare industry also creates a huge field for start-ups that compete in creating cutting-edge IT solutions that support the healthcare organizations. Building digital twins, skillful collection, management and use of medical data, development of telehealth - all these sectors require an urgent support of the latest technology to ensure a complex patient care.

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What IT Services For Healthcare We Offer 

Custom IT Solutions for Healthcare and MedTech Industry

We create innovative healthcare IT solutions, the goal of which is improving the work of medical facilities and doctors We devote a large part of our work to creating digital solutions aimed at morbidity prevention and faster diagnosis and positive patient outcomes. In addition, our custom software and IT services helped investors in the key challenges currently faced by the healthcare industry :

  • obtaining accurate healthcare data;
  • automated outreach e.g. appointment reminders;
  • shorter waiting time for medical services;
  • access to qualified staff;
  • boost staff engagement and friendliness;
  • convenient appointment scheduling system;
  • no delays or queues;
  • reduced number of no-shows;
  • improved treatment comfort patient experience.

Technology We Use

Our Cases

Med Tech Project

Project description:

This project involved building a set of applications in Cloud. The JavaScript part included building a portal which would manage all the other applications.

Our client is a provider of elderly care services. They wanted us to develop applications which would allow their employees to access the patients profile and enter new data about them, e.g. register new patients, record information about their condition etc. The purpose of the application was to accumulate the results and generate the statistics based on the data it received.

Scope of work:

  • Development of an iOS application
  • Development of an Android application
  • Development of an administration panel for the medical personnel

Industry: Healthcare


Benefits of Managed IT for HealthCare

The technological revolution in the medical industry is not only a great opportunity for society, but also for investors. Digitization allows to create solutions that relieve the healthcare and expands opportunities to protect human health and optimize costs.

Thanks to the progress of digital transformation, you can undoubtedly count on:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Cost savings;
  • Streamlined processes and data access;
  • Improved communication;
  • Integrated digital records.

Why Choose Vratislavia Software?

We understand the healthcare industry and its needs. We listen to customers and we are not only a partner but also a support and advisor. Our experience in providing healthcare IT services allows us to create solutions to help you maximize effectiveness for each client individually. Working with us, you can count on:

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Experienced MedTech developers who will make your product real success;
Comprehensiveness of the provided services. From advice and consulting, through delivery and implementation of the solution, to support and service during the use;
Professionalism at the highest level;
Speed of operation;
Very good contact and communication at every stage of project development.

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