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.Net is a highly scalable and efficient backend technology used for building fast and dynamic websites, apps and digital services.

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.net development services

What are .NET Development Services ?

.Net software development services provide innovative solutions built in one of the most commonly used frameworks. This multipurpose environment allows you to build almost everything from web and mobile applications through IoT and machine learning software to cloud database.

.NET is an free, open-source and multi-platform software framework created and developed by Microsoft for web and app development. Operating on Windows, Linux and MacOS, .Net provides a versatile programming environment for software to be developed, installed an executed.

.Net framework supports 3 languages: C#, F# and VB.NET. C# , which are notable for being one of the most popular programming languages among software development companies with 6.5 million active developers (source: SlashData).+

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3 Types of .Net Platforms

.Net Framework

It is the first version of the .Net framework. This software development platform enables to write websites, apps and software which run primarily on Windows operating system. .Net Framework cannot be used for building programs as it is now only in maintenance mode.

.Net Core

.Net Core is the second version of the .Net Framework which allows to write apps, websites and services. It offers a cross-platform compatibility which means that programs built on .Net Core run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, just like .Net Framework, it has been switched only to maintenance mode, and consequently cannot be used for new software development.


It is the most innovative and unified version of the .Net released in 2020 with its components .Net 5 and .Net 6 (released in November 2021), which make it the fastest framework released by the .Net Team. In contrary to .Net Framework and .Net Core, which cannot be used for writing new programs, the newest version of .Net is supposed to be used to build modern software which takes advantage of all the cutting edge technology.

The Best and Most Used .NET Frameworks and Libraries

Extension containing special tools and libraries used for building web pages and applications.
Framework working on all operating systems, used for building wide range of solutions.
Framework for building web applications with use of C# and HTML.
This .Net resilience library allows software developers to handle application faults.
It is an open source e-mail library.
Library which solves code-related problems.

What .NET Application You Can Build?

.Net enables to develop wide variety of websites, apps and services working on any operating system. Standard .Net software development projects include:

  • .Net Web development & Web Services: create web apps and services for every operating system. Employ ASP.Net or Blazor open-source web frameworks to build dynamic website
  • Desktop: build desktop apps for Windows and MacOS. Use open-source graphical subsystems such as WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Mobile Apps: .Net application development services for iOS, Windows and Android. Use a cross-platform mobile frameworks such as Xamarin or its evolution .Net Multi-platform App UI known by short as MAUI.
  • Cloud: build modern cloud apps - the easiest way to share your data with the world.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): .NET IoT Libraries allows to build apps interoperable with other technologies.
  • AI: build outstanding Artificial Intelligence systems. Use ML.Net, a cross-platform open-source machine learning (ML) framework, to create .Net development project in C# and F#.
  • Micro-services: build flexible digital solutions to run in isolated environment.

Key Advantages of .NET Solutions:

  • High performance
  • Security & Safety
  • Language interoperability
  • Unified platform across browser, cloud, desktop, IOT, and mobile apps, all using the same .Net Libraries
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Cloud)
  • Large ecosystem & community


Thanks to the .NET platform, .Net developers can create secure, performant and modern applications faster. C# language provides generics, LINQ or asynchronous programming.

Development of the .NET solutions can be easily done using the powerful IDE like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or even Rider.

.NET has its own package manager (Nuget) which allows .Net development company to easily extend .Net applications.


.Net offers a bunch of tools to help you test the performance of your application. ASP.NET is an extension of the .Net platform which allows to build fast and secure apps and ASP.Net web application development services. It is also a cross-platform which enables to run it on any operating system.

ASP.NET facilitates an advanced performance assessment of an application and provides a detailed information about its work. Such analysis allows to enhance the application performance and improve debugging process.

Featured .Net Projects

Highly Accessible Government Website

Project description:

This project was done for the British government. We were a part of a team working on a complete web development. As this web page was intended to be used in the British educational system, the key was to create a highly accessible web with a clear and intuitive layout.

The project required a complete website and libraries development as well as frontend development. Building frontend accessibility was one of the main challenges of our work. We had to follow the strict guidelines which would make the website accessible for all the users without necessity to install additional software. Furthermore, the design had to be clear and simple to navigate to make it usable for people with disabilities. Additionally, the website had to be highly resilient to cyber attacks which required use of advanced security solutions.

Scope of work:

  • Web development and libraries creation
  • [Frontend development](/services/front-end-development)

Industry: Education

.Net CoreC#JS

Development of ERP system

Project description:

This time our client, who operates in manufacturing industry, wanted us to build a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). The main requirement was for the application to be highly responsive. It is a complex application which is intended to control an entire production process along with stock management and tracking system. The application retrieves precise data from the application in order to speed up the manufacturing process.

Tools and technology used in this project included: .Net, Angular, GraphQL, AutoMapper and PrimeEngine.

Scope of work:

  • Building a complete front-end and back-end
  • Configuration
  • Designing and building a responsive layout
  • Enabling communication with server

Industry: Production

.Net CoreAngularGraphQLSQL Server

How Can .Net Solutions Benefit Your Business?

Customized Software

.Net gives you opportunity to build a bespoke software exactly as you want it. Write a software which will boost your performance and simplify your business.


.Net is a platform-independent framework, which means that it can work across all the operating systems. .Net allows to write a versatile and functional application.

Extensive libraries

With .Net you get an access to the collection of libraries and frameworks and you will be able to create your own libraries to be shared with others. Exploit the resources offered by .Net libraries for better functionality.

Web and App Development

.Net is one of the most popular framework used for building websites and applications. It allows to create a scalable and secure products and is more efficient than other platforms.


Building your project in .Net you can write your apps in C#, F#, or Visual Basic. These are programming languages are widely used by software developers all over the world. Thanks to this your product will be easy to modify and refine.

Why Vratislavia.Software as Your .NET Development Company?

We have a hands-on experience with .Net development as we constantly work on projects in this technology;
.Net developers we hire are mid and senior engineers. Additionally, their skills are evaluated during technical interviews;
We develop our skills all the time to be up to date with the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best solutions for our customers;
We follow Best Programming Practices for the clean code that is easy for you to modify in the future;
We deliver our specialists in Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team models, so you decide which option is convenient for you;
We use Scrum methodology which is a transparent way of project management that facilitates the information flow between the software development company and the customer;
We are agile! Scale your development team up or down depending on the project requirements in particular moment in time;
We are good listeners and want to hear you out so that we can build your project the way you want it to be;
We have partnered with international companies operating in many different industries.
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Custom software and mobile apps development ensure efficiency and product scalability.

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