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When it comes to software development, be it a web or mobile application, choosing the right technology is essential. Whatever your business goals are, you just have to be sure that the tools you choose are going to support you. As you only make a first impression once, you should make sure your front end is engaging and intuitive and a great way to achieve it is to use ReactJS. ReactJS development services are on a roll now and it seems that it won’t stop any time soon. If you want to build scalable and feature-rich IT solutions, ReactJS has been designed just for you.

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ReactJS development services

What Is ReactJS Development?

ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library maintained by Facebook (Meta). It is an incredibly efficient and flexible tool for building scalable and intuitive products. It was created in 2011 by Facebook for their own use. In 2012, Instagram also started using it, and in 2013, ReactJS became open-sourced. Today, it is used by many Fortune 500 companies. The dedicated React development staff regularly releases bug fixes, enhancements, and documentation. One could say that ReactJS has taken the front-end development space by storm. There are more than 220,000 live websites using it and surveys show that ReactJS is the most loved web framework now.

Check Our React Development Services

At Vratislavia Software, we offer comprehensive React JS development services for companies, no matter their sizes and industries. In our portfolio, you will find:

  • Custom software solutions – our custom ReactJS development solutions are crafted for specific business needs. From the ideation phase to best-in-class app development – we’ve got you covered!
  • React web app development – we build progressive and dynamic web applications that are fully scalable and SEO-friendly.
  • React mobile app development – we create feature-rich mobile applications that deliver outstanding user experience across multiple devices.
  • React UI/UX development – we don’t only do magic with code; we also create a world-class design that is both visually appealing and high-performing.
  • Maintenance and support – we provide our clients with comprehensive support, even if their software is already launched.

ReactJS development outsourcing services mean that you choose to have your custom software solutions developed by a third party. This way, you can reduce software development costs and at the same time, bring in domain knowledge that hasn’t been available in-house. You save time on hiring specialists but still gain access to world-class talents. You can easily focus on your core business as your software development processes are professionally handled by us.

What other ReactJS Solutions We Create

ReactJS has endless possibilities and we have been using it for many years. Our skilled ReactJS developers have extensive experience in: 

  • Building efficient and interactive web applications.
  • Creating Minimum Viable Products – you can validate your idea with the lowest expenditure and gather user feedback for further improvements.
  • Single Page Applications that load extremely fast and provide users with an addictive experience and high interactivity.

ReactJS Technologies and Tools We Use

When we start a new project, we make sure to choose the perfect technology stack to provide you with the best possible effectiveness and capabilities. When it comes to React development, we usually use the following technologies and tools:

Used for rapid iteration and testing of UI components. It is a great tool to visualize the different states of each component of the app.
JS library used with any UI framework on frontend and backend. It is used to maintain and update data across applications.
A superset of JavaScript which provides features and functionalities of JS with added features. It extends JS and improves the developer experience.
Create ReactApp
A generic framework and a comfortable environment for learning React. Currently, it is the best way to start building a new single-page application.
Library used to style applications. It allows developers to deliver high quality and visually appealing applications.
Material UI is a CSS
Framework used to create a UI for a web or app. It is based on Google's Material Design to provide a high quality digital experience to end-users.

What Can you Build with React JS?

ReactJS is just amazing for building fully interactive and scalable projects. Here are some examples of applications you can create using this framework:

  • Social media apps that enable users to make posts with text and media files. They usually contain live feeds. Examples: Twitter, and Instagram.
  • E-commerce apps – ReactJS allows developers to build impressive, large-scale e-commerce platforms. Examples: Airbnb, Uber, and Etsy.
  • Entertainment apps focused on movies, podcasts, music, etc. Examples: Spotify, and Netflix.
  • Messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber.
  • Productivity apps for note-taking, managing teams, task lists, etc. Examples: Todoist, Notion.

Featured React JS Projects

Commercial Website

Project description:

This project involved development of responsive and intuitive commercial web platform for a company operating in IT industry. The website was designed in accordance with the latest trends and with use of the up-to-date technology in order to provide top-notch user experience.

The project involved building website with complex architecture containing several subpages. Moreover, we had to create a user-friendly design which would ensure easy and intuitive navigation on the website. Additionally, we had to use the technology which would prevent the website from slowing down or crashing during increased traffic.

Scope of work:

  • Site design
  • Complete front-end and back-end development
  • Web development and libraries creation
  • Responsive layout

Industry: IT

.Net.Net CoreAWSC#ReactAzure

React JS Development Benefits

There are many features that make ReactJS a top choice for custom software development:

High performance

ReactJS is perfect for fast-loading apps, mainly thanks to a virtual DOM and server-side rendering.

Lightning-fast development

It allows you to reduce time-to-market thanks to reusable, ready-made components. The framework allows developers to easily recycle components multiple times, instead of writing the code from scratch for the same features every time. You can also select code that has already been built by other developers.

Effective user interfaces

UI is ReactJS’s core. It enables developers to create interactive and dynamic UI faster and in an organized manner. Also, compared to other libraries, ReactJS renders much faster.

Effortless scaling

You can easily and quickly add new functionalities thanks to ReactJS’s modular structure. Also, altering existing ones is simpler than ever.


The risk of errors is minimized as downward data flow ensures that any modification doesn’t upset the code structure. The framework is notable for its very stable API that rarely changes.


ReactJS works with a component-based structure. The components act as building blocks for your application. Therefore, ReactJS is one of the most flexible frameworks.

Why Vratislavia Software as a ReactJS Development Company

Outcome-focused approach: we help businesses understand and use the power of custom digital software to achieve strategic business goals.
Years of experience in software development, both web and mobile.
Transparent communication and collaborative environment. We believe in mutual trust. From day one, we become part of your business and fully support your efforts in completing your business goals.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We appreciate your feedback at any stage of our collaboration.
Best Programming Practices help us make the code clean and easy for you to modify in the future.
In our projects we use the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best solutions for our clients.
We are agile so that the development team can be easily scaled up or down, depending on the project requirements in particular moment in time.
We have experience with global companies from various industries.
Looking to Outsource React JS Developers?

A comprehensive process of staff augmentation at Vratislavia Software includes assessing the skills of current employees and new members and assembling the team to ensure project results and timely delivery. Our outsourcing services are fully adjusted to the needs of your business – you can choose between full-time employees working side-by-side with your in-house specialists or just one-time support for your project that requires specific skills. At any stage, you have full control to manage employees and their tasks until completion.

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Looking to Outsource React JS Developers?

React JS Developers

Looking for an external ReactJS developer team? We’ll help you speed up React development processes and support your internal developer team. If you need specific ReactJS skills for your project, we’re ready to provide you with a well-synchronized team without onboarding and training costs. Now you can outsource ReactJs development risk-free.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is an outsourcing model in which you get a software development team that works from afar and is fully focused on your business goals and products. At Vratislavia software, we provide our clients with a professional, experienced workforce – dedicated teams – whenever you need to upskill to take on new projects. Our developers work hand-in-hand with your employees as a single, distributed team. The costs are 100% predictable which gives you more control over how much money you spend. You can easily scale up or down whenever needed.

Custom Software Development

We can also help you with comprehensive product development processes and help you build scalable, customer-oriented digital products.

Other Services We Provide


What is ReactJS mainly used for?

React.js development services include: single-page applications (SPAs), social platforms, e-commerce platforms, and enterprise applications, as well as cross-platform mobile applications.

Is ReactJS front- or backend?

ReactJS is the most used front-end JS framework in the world. It’s a front-end library used for client-side programming.

What type of application can you build with ReactJS?

React development allows you to build many types of apps. It is great for AR/VR apps, complex e-commerce applications, social media applications, data analytic apps, and instant messaging apps.

Is ReactJS free?

Yes, ReactJS, one of the most popular software development technologies, is free of charge. It's an open-source library with updates provided to users on a regular basis.

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