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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy where one or more skilled software developers are hired by third party organizations. Outsourced developers can work as a part of a hybrid team, where they co-operate with the client's employees, or as independent engineers. The team structure, roles and responsibilities depend solely on the project owner.

Augmented staff members can be obtained temporarily or for long-term projects. They can work part-time or full-time, depending on the customer's business needs.

Companies leverage staff augmentation services to quickly extend their team by developers skilled in a specific technology. Team extension service enables to speed up the project implementation and a development process. It also allows to cover an employee absence in the existing team.

Staff Augmentation Model Allows To:

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Extend your in-house team with IT professionals on-demand and scale your business.
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Shorten recruitment process and reduce costs.
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Access a large talent pool from which you can cherry-pick the most competent specialists for your team augmentation.
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Cover the open posts in a team and finish a project on time.
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Get fresh insight into product development and improve the work of your team.
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Swiftly adapt to changing business environment.

Who Do We Offer?

We deliver IT engineering services for temporary and long-term projects. If you need to supplement your software development team or increase the competence and expand the know-how, we can provide you with such professionals as programmers, testers, business analysts and project managers. We work in the most desirable technologies, e.g. .Net.

Professional competencies are selected according to the required knowledge and skills to implement a particular project and achieve your business goals.

If you already have an existing in-house team but need more capacity, you can extend your in-house squad with our experts who will fit your team structure best. In the staff augmentation model you keep the lead of your project.

Seniority Level

Depending on your needs, you can build your team by selecting specialists with three different levels of experience. We verify the level of the prospective employees during internal technical interviews.


Junior - a programmer at the beginning of their career. They have fundamental knowledge and can take part in software development projects under the supervision of a senior developer.


Regular - is an independent programmer who can perform less complex tasks on their own.


Senior - a term assigned to highly-skilled and certified programmers with an extensive hands-on experience.

What IT Specialists Do We Have?

Software Developers

Front-end and back-end, full-stack engineers.

Business Analysts

To run project analysis, assess risk and suggest new business solutions.

Software Testers

Quality assurance engineers who perform manual and automated test to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Software Architects

Specialists with broad technical knowledge and experience to design bespoke IT solutions.

Project Manager

Qualified and experienced professionals who monitor the teamwork and ensure a project success

UX / UI Designers

If you wish to combine functionality with an outstanding aesthetic experience.

Careers in software development
Do you need to hire an entire team of software developers?

Learn more about our Dedicated Team Services and see how we can help your business.

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Cost Efficiency

It reduces the employment costs— you do not need to run a time-consuming and costly recruitment — we will do it for you.

Best Specialists On-Demand

You get the best-in-class specialists who actively expand their skills and knowledge. We support you in achieving your business objectives, therefore, we understand that each member of the augmented team, starting from skilled programmers to experienced scrum master, contribute to the project success.

Temporary or Longer Projects

You can get our team members for as long as you need them.

Less Formalities

You do not have to focus on hiring new employees and you can skip the formalities. We take care of all HR and payroll matters so that you can focus on your business.

Why Staff Augmentation with Vratislavia Software?

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During recruitment we verify the level of knowledge of candidates. Thanks to this, you save time as we present you tech professionals who have successfully passed an internal technical expertise in our company.
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Until you choose and sign a Staff Augmentation contract with a specific candidate, you do not incur any costs. We recruit without charging any costs.
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An active recruitment process allows to present first candidates within a month.
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You have the option of loaning programmers for both short-term and long projects.
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You can hire developers full-time or part-time.
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We have available programmers with experience in the most desirable technologies: JavaScript, Mobile, Python, .NET, Testing.
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We work as a team and support each other. Consultations are our daily routine and we solve problems together. Rapid problem solving ensures a smooth workflow.
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We are a small company focused on development - our priority is commitment and effective approach to work of the employees we hire. We verify this during regular One-to-One meetings.
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Vratislavia Software guarantees an internal training system. Working in the development environment facilitates access to faster solutions to problems - it streamlines and speeds up work for the client.
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